Icon Sports Marketing to manage the affairs of Ushuru FC

Icon Sports Marketing to manage the affairs of Ushuru FC

Icon Sports Marketing has been tapped the Sports Marketing Agency for Ushuru Football Club, in what is envisioned to become a revival of these kinds of appointment in corporate Kenya sports scene. Ushuru FC (formerly Kenya Revenue Authority FC) is a Kenyan football club based in Nairobi who play their home games at Camp Toyoyo and train at the Public Service Grounds.
Kenya Revenue Authority (KRA), the club's main sponsor, have tasked Icon Sports Marketing Ltd with charting a new path for Ushuru FC. Speaking in Nairobi, Icon Sports Managing Director Grace Kiraguri, appreciated the appointment as a win for the local sporting scene with corporate entities beginning to recognise the need to professionally manage teams that they sponsor. Kiraguri added, “Given our experience in managing local and international sporting properties like the Barclays Kenya Open and Safari Sevens, this appointment on a soccer property signifies the turnaround for the local sporting scene.”
The contract, which commenced in December 2017, will see Icon Sports develop a 5-year strategic plan for Ushuru FC as part of realigning the team management structures while rationalising objectives, finances, and other inputs that define a modern day professional team structure.
Icon Sports Chairman, Sam Mwai, echoed Kiraguri’s sentiments and added that the appointment heralds a new chapter for Kenyan sports. “As a sports administrator for many years, such an appointment has been long overdue and I am glad that corporates are now beginning to see the value of sports marketing” said Mwai, also noting that “The most successful teams globally have one common denominator - professionalism - an element that Icon Sports intends to inject to the scene for Ushuru FC.”
Besides the strategic plan, Icon Sports will work on the Ushuru FC brand, fan engagement, financial empowerment, sponsorships, development of a youth soccer program, and assist in day-to-day management of the team, among other deliverables.
Icon Sports Digital Marketing Specialist, Wanjiku Njenga, was also quick to add that, “The team is excited about this challenge and the opportunity to do what they love best on a very public and competitive canvas; we are loving every moment of this assignment”.

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