Sports Sponsorship in Kenya:

Sports Sponsorship in Kenya:

Sports Sponsorship in Kenya – by Grace Kiraguri

In the last few weeks, Kenyan sport has seen thawing by corporate firms in sponsoring Kenyan sports. Earlier this year, two major corporates had withdrawn their sponsorship monies citing among other misuse of funds, fraud and mismanagement of sports organizations. While these issues still plague a number of organizations, a few of them have streamlined operations and sought to get officials accountable or resign altogether.
Our sporting industry has one of the most diverse sports disciplines and talented sports women and men. We have seen Kenyan sports personalities participate in non-traditional sports such as field events in athletics, swimming, and even skiing at the Winter Olympics!

However in the background are sports bodies officiated by uninspiring and greedy officials, who stem the developments made above. The Government of Kenya through the Ministry of Youth Affairs and Sports developed a sturdy document in the Sports Act. This was meant to reorganize sports builds, set up an oversight body to oversee sports affairs in the country and to provide remedy to sports organizations once things go south. A deadline was given for sports bodies to align their organizations to the Sports Act. A number of these have complied while a fair share too are yet to put their houses in order.

It with this in mind corporate firms in Kenya decided to call it as it is. Instead of pouring monies blindly into organizations and events, they have put the tough task to our sports officials to make them run efficiently and transparently.

The renewed efforts to sponsor sport must not be in vain and the goodwill must be harnessed for what it is. Sports marketing firms like Icon Sports Marketing have for a long time helped sports organizations realize the best and successful events in the hope of attracting continued and future investment and infrastructure. It is our role to offer best practice in sports events management for events of whatever magnitude, be they local, regional or even international.

It is our hope that sports bodies will find the wherewithal to run their organizations to the best of their abilities. It is also in the best interests of sports to help nurture a generation of sports personalities who in the near future will be running the same sports disciplines with firm foundations. In all this, it is a win-win for all stakeholders in sports in the country.

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