Stay Hydrated at The Magical Kenya Open

Stay Hydrated at The Magical Kenya Open

Stay Hydrated at The Magical Kenya Open.

(By Grace Kiraguri)

In 2019, The Magical Kenya Open Golf tournament transitioned from an European challenge tour to the Main challenge tour raising the stature of the tournament. Hosting a tournament of this magnitude puts Kenya on the map internationally, show casing our golf courses, our work capacity as well as positioning the country as a sports tourism destination.  Corporate sponsors were not left behind in leveraging on the growth of the tournament to market their products and our client Coca-Cola joined jumped on board as the official hydration sponsor, reinforcing and affirming that they are in indeed leaders in the beverage industry.

Icon Sports Marketing has worked with Coca-Cola year in year out as the golf experiential agency especially during the Kenya Open Golf championship since 2012. Our role has been to ensure every player, caddy or official is well hydrated during the entire period of the tournament. Setting up water points at specific holes within the golf course.  For the operation to be successful, there is massive deployment of Keringet brand ambassadors in the course, the players’ lounge, the caddies lounge, the referee’s centers, the media center etc all with an aim of ensuring everyone is catered for as far as hydration is concerned. Beside hydration of players, we take pride in setting up a corporate hospitality unit to host for all invited guests by the client.

Considering the sun has been unapologetically shining on clear sky, with little or no cloud cover, the temperatures in Nairobi hit new highs between mid-December to mid- March prompting everyone to continuously search for drinking water to quench their thirst.  The Magical Kenya Open falls right into this hot season. What an opportune moment for Keringet to take up the position of the hydration partner reinforcing the position as the market leader in the hydration industry.

It is while planning for this massive operation at the Magical Kenya Open 2019, that I decided to delve on the importance of Hydration in Sports. Ordinarily and for most people drinking of water has been associated with high temperature hence the need to quench our thirst. While, consumption of more water has been advocated especially during this season when the sun has been scorching hot and to some extent almost unbearable, Hydration for athletes is continuous irrespective of the weather.  Hydration for athletes is not purely related outside temperatures, it is defined as the process of maintaining the right volume of water and electrolytes in the body at all times, striking a balance between fluids in and fluids out. It is actually a science and a rule of the thumb for any successful player to hydrate sufficiently

While reviewing previous articles on the subject, it was obvious that Athletes just don’t drink water for the sake of drinking. It’s actually a pre-requisite because during exercise, the main way the body maintains optimal body temperature is by sweating.  Drinking fluid during exercise is necessary to replace fluids lost in sweat. This action ensures that there is a reduction the risk of heat stress, maintain normal muscle function, and prevent performance decreases due to dehydration:

As a business in Sports we fully understand the importance of Hydration which is why we have meticulously set ourselves up as the experiential agency that will ensure Keringet water keeps players hydrated all through the Magical Kenya Open.

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